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Welcome to the GPX Exchange operated by Grand Pacific Resort Services, L.P. (“Grand Pacific”).  These Rules and Regulations set forth the terms for the use and enjoyment of the Grand Pacific Resorts internal exchange program known as GPX Exchange or GPX.

Please read through these Rules and Regulations carefully.



GPX is open to all eligible individual owners of vacation intervals/weeks for any of the time share plans managed by Grand Pacific. Corporations, clubs or trusts are not eligible.

Participating Resorts

Addendum A sets forth the list of participating resorts (“Resorts”).  Addendum A may be updated by Grand Pacific from time to time.

Ownership Requirements

Owners of one or more vacation intervals/weeks (“Resort Week Owner”) may participate in GPX provided the following eligibility requirements are satisfied at the time of the Deposited Resort Week:

  1. Resort Week Owner must not be in default under their purchase contract or membership agreement with their respective Resort.
  2. Resort Week Owner must be current on all annual maintenance fees, assessments, dues, taxes, and other charges relating to their Resort Week.
  3. Resort Week Owner must have the sole ownership and use rights in the Deposited Resort Week. No more than two co-owners of a single Resort Week may apply for a single GPX Membership.

Membership Enrollment

Resort Week Owners are enrolled in GPX automatically.  Participation is voluntary.  There is no membership or enrollment fee.  Grand Pacific reserves the right to refuse or revoke GPX Membership of any Resort Week Owner who does not comply with these Rules and Regulations.


GPX Membership allows the Resort Week Owner to participate in the GPX Exchange and access to GPX Inventory of Deposited Resort Weeks, access to printed or electronic publications and communications, and other travel and leisure benefits (“Program Benefits”).  Program Benefits are available on the GPX website at www.gpxvacations.com.  Grand Pacific reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without advance notice, to add, modify or delete Program Benefits.

Membership Records

Grand Pacific will seek to update its membership records based on the resorts’ owner records.  Each Resort Week Owner consents to disclosure of its contact information for the sole purpose of updating the GPX records and subscribes to receipt of electronic communication from Grand Pacific and its affiliates.  It is the Resort Week Owner’s responsibility to notify Grand Pacific of any changes to the Resort Week Owner’s information including without limitation, change of address, phone number, email address or ownership.  Please refer to Grand Pacific’s Privacy Policy for details of protection of your personal information.

Personal Use

GPX membership is a personal benefit for the named Resort Week Owner.  Grand Pacific may honor the instructions from the named Resort Week Owner and may require verification of identification prior to any transaction.

GPX is for the personal use of Resort Week Owners, and if designated, their assigned guests.  Commercial use is strictly prohibited.  Neither the Resort Week Owner nor their designated guests may use GPX or the Confirmed Exchange Week for commercial purposes or monetary gain or other consideration, including without limitation, rental, auction, barter, raffle or sale.  Any commercial use shall be grounds for immediate termination of GPX Program membership and cancellation of any Exchange Request, Confirmed Exchange Week or other Program Benefits, without prior suspension of or notice to Resort Week Owner in violation of this provision.


Resort Week deposits (“Deposited Resort Week(s)”) may be submitted by Resort Week Owners at any time.  Deposited Resort Weeks are subject to verification and will not be credited until Grand Pacific issues a Deposit Confirmation.  Deposited Resort Weeks are non-revocable, non-refundable and expire after two (2) years.  Submission of a Deposited Resort Week is considered your agreement and acknowledgement that the Deposited Resort Week is non-revocable and may be used by Grand Pacific for any commercially reasonable purpose.

Resort Week – Deposited Resort Week at GPR Resort

Resort Week Owners may deposit one or more Resort Weeks at any of the Grand Pacific Resorts provided that at the time of the Deposited Resort Week the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. Resort Week Owner must not be in default under their purchase contract or membership agreement with their respective Resort.
  2. Resort Week Owner must be current on all annual maintenance fees, assessments, dues, taxes, and other charges relating to their Resort Week.

Note:  Owners with points-based timeshare plan allocation may deposit the points equivalent to one week as a referenced Resort Week.

Resort Week – Deposit Confirmation

Once deposit is submitted, Grand Pacific will contact the home resort for authorization to deposit the Resort Week.  Upon verification, Resort Week Owners who have a properly Deposited Resort Week will receive a written or electronic Deposit Confirmation and entitlement for Exchange Credit.

Resort Week – Non-Refundable

Upon Deposit Confirmation, Resort Week Owner relinquishes all rights to use the Deposited Resort Week.  The Deposited Resort Week is non-refundable and non-revocable, provided however, Grand Pacific Resorts reserves the unilateral right to revoke the Exchange Credit if the Resort Week Owner becomes delinquent and thereby loses the use entitlement for the Deposited Resort Week.  Except as otherwise provided, Deposited Resort Week will be honored for Exchange Credit.

Resort Week – Expiration of Deposited Resort Week

A Deposited Resort Week or Exchange Credit expires two (2) years from the date of Deposit Confirmation.  Upon expiration of your Exchange Credit, your right to make an Exchange terminates.  GPX Members are encouraged to monitor their GPX Account frequently.  Grand Pacific does not provide notification of expiration date.

Upon payment of an extension fee, GPX Members are entitled to a one-time extension for an additional period of up to one (1) year.  The applicable extension fee must be paid on or before the expiration of the original 2-year period.  Please see Addendum B or the GPX Website for current fee schedule. All fees are transacted in U.S. Dollars.

Resort Week – GPX Inventory

Deposited Resort Weeks are collected as GPX Inventory and may be used by Grand Pacific for any purpose, including without limitation to satisfy Exchange Requests, as Rental Weeks, to accommodate for promotions, rental, sale, marketing, or other purposes as determined by Grand Pacific in its sole discretion.


GPX Exchange gives GPX Members a selection of exchange destinations among the Grand Pacific affiliated resorts.  Currently GPX Exchange does not restrict Exchange Requests by quality, location or seasonality.  Grand Pacific reserves the right to impose certain restrictions.  Upgrade fees may apply.  Exchange Credits expire on the second (2nd) anniversary of the Deposit Confirmation. Cancellation of a Confirmed Exchange within thirty (30) days of your scheduled check-in date results in forfeiture of your Exchange Fee.  Cancellation Protection Option is available for an additional fee at time of booking.

Exchange Requests and Exchange Fee

Exchange Request may be submitted before or after receipt of Deposit Confirmation.  Exchange Requests must be submitted at least  prior to the start date of the Resort Week booking and the Resort Week must occur within the original 2-year Exchange Credit period, or if applicable any extension thereof.  Exchange Requests are processed on a first-available, first-booked basis. No requests will be taken for Southern California between June 1 and September 1.  Grand Pacific does not guarantee availability of a specific Exchange Request.  GPX Members are encouraged to submit Exchange Requests as far in advance of the requested travel dates as possible.  Late deposit fees are charged if Deposit Confirmation is less than 14 days in advance of arrival date. Please see Addendum B or the GPX Website for current fee schedule.

An Exchange Fee is charged and must be paid at the time of submission of the Exchange Request.  Exchange Fee is subject to change without notice.  Please see Addendum B or the GPX Website for current fee schedule.  The Exchange Fee is non-refundable but may be applied to a subsequent Exchange Request if the Exchange Request is cancelled prior to issuance of a Confirmed Exchange booking.  One Exchange Fee is charged for each Confirmed Exchange.  Cancellation of after issuance of a Confirmed Exchange results in forfeiture of the Exchange Fee.

Exchange Credit – Trading Value

Exchange Credit of a one week Deposited Resort Week must be booked for a one week Exchange Week.  Split Week bookings are not accepted.  Exchange Credit is based on the unit type.  Please see Addendum C or GPX Website for current unit type categories.  There are no priorities, limitations or restrictions on Exchange Requests based on resort location, amenities or seasonality.  Exchange Credit for a Deposited Resort Week may be applied to an Exchange Request for a different unit type, subject to availability at the time of booking.  An upgrade fee (“Upgrade Fee”) will be charged for any increase in the number of bedrooms.  Please see Addendum B or the GPX Website for current fee schedule.  Grand Pacific reserves the right in its sole discretion to allow exceptions in limited circumstances.


Exchange – Special Requests

If we don’t have your preferred inventory available, you may submit a special request for preferred exchange week.  Special requests are managed on a first-available, first-reserved basis.  A special request is retained in our records as a courtesy only.  A special request is not an Exchange Request and is not processed unless the preferred inventory becomes available.  There is no guarantee preferred inventory will become available within the original 2-year Exchange Period.  If  preferred inventory becomes available you will be notified of the availability.

Booking – Confirmed Exchange

GPX Member may utilize the Exchange Week or may assign the Exchange Week to an adult Guest.  If the Confirmed Exchange is assigned to a Guest, the Guest’s Name must be submitted with the Confirmed Exchange.  All bookings must be confirmed with the proper guest details at the time the confirmation is issued.

A Confirmed Exchange cannot be changed or modified.  Any change in the dates, unit type, vacation area or Resort will result in a cancellation of the Confirmed Exchange.  Upon cancellation, the original Exchange Credit will be returned to the Member’s GPX account and will retain the original Exchange Credit expiration date.  The Exchange Fee will not be refunded.

A Confirmed Exchange may be transferred to the GPX Member’s Guest, subject to payment of a Transfer Fee. Please see Addendum B or the GPX Website for current fee schedule.


Subject to availability posted on GPX Website, GPX Members in good standing may purchase inventory (“Rental Weeks”) by direct payment of the Rental Week at Booking Price.  Rental Weeks can be requested and reserved via the GPX Website or by email or telephone.  Reservations of Rental Weeks are non-refundable, non-changeable and are not complete until Grand Pacific receives the applicable Booking Price or (if applicable) issues a Confirmed Exchange.  Subject to these terms, Rental Weeks are available to all GPX Members and there is no limit on the number of Rental Weeks that a GPX Members can purchase.  Cancellation Protection Option (see below) is not available for Rental Weeks.

Select Rental Weeks – Available for Rent or Exchange Credit

Select Rental Weeks may be reserved by applying an Exchange Credit.  If applicable, if a Deposited Resort Week is offered as a Rental Week and you desire use it for your Exchange Week, you have the choice of either (i) exchanging your Deposited Resort Week and paying the Exchange Fee, or (ii) reserving the Deposited Resort Week as a Rental Week and paying the Booking Price.  Certain restrictions apply.

Select Rental Weeks – Insider Weeks

Select Insider Weeks are available for booking by any GPX Member in good standing.  “Insider” Weeks are comprised of Rental Weeks that have not been booked in connection with a Confirmed Exchange as of ninety days (90) days prior to the check-in date.

Use of Rental Week by GPX Member’s Guest

Your Guests may use the Rental Week you reserve; provided, however, (i) all Rental Week reservations must be made by you, as the GPX Member, on behalf of your Guests, and (ii) you, as the GPX Member, are solely responsible for all damage and loss to the Accommodations as a result of the conduct of Guests and their invitees.  GPX Members or their Guests must use the Rental Week for personal use and must not rent the Rental Week for profit.


GPX Exchange may offer to GPX Members promotions or discounts to purchase select GPX Inventory from time to time.  Promotional terms and conditions will be stated within the terms of the promotional offer.  Promotional purchases are non-refundable and may not be re-booked or re-deemed for exchange credit.  Promotional offers may not be combined with any other discounts or vouchers.

BOGO Rental Weeks

GPX may offer limited time promotions for Rental Week purchases for “Buy One Get One” (BOGO) for an equal or lesser unit-type at a discounted price (i.e. “half off” or “free”).  Certain dates for reservations may be blocked and not available.  BOGO may not be applied toward prior Rental Week purchases or any existing reservations.  BOGO may not be combined with any other promotional offer.  Rates are subject to change and are subject to select GPX Inventory of Rental Weeks available at the time of booking.


Exchange Week unit types, services and amenities (“Accommodations”) related to GPX Inventory vary by location and resort.  Accommodations may vary in size, quality and décor.  The total number of people occupying the unit must not exceed the maximum occupancy of the unit-type set forth in the Exchange Confirmation or reservation.  Exceeding occupancy may result in denial of access or an additional charge may be levied by the resort.  Grand Pacific is not responsible for loss, damage to, or theft of personal property related to a GPX Member’s use of Accommodations.  GPX is not liable for personal or bodily injury to a GPX Member or its guests and invitees in connection with such use.


GPX Members are solely responsible for the payment of any bed tax, sales tax, transient occupancy tax or other tax that may be imposed in connection with the use and occupancy of the Accommodations pursuant to a Confirmed Exchange.  GPX Members are solely responsible for payment of any applicable personal expenses, telephone or wireless/Wi-Fi charges, parking fees, and other resort fees or charges properly levied by a Resort or other party for the use of amenities and facilities.  GPX Members are solely responsible for all damage and loss to the Accommodations as a result of GPX Member’s conduct (and the conduct of family, friends, invitees and Guests).  Some resort stays require or make available as an option, all-inclusive fees which are due either upon booking or check-in. These all-inclusive fees are imposed at the discretion of the resort.  Grand Pacific will publish any disclosures provided by the individual resorts and encourages any GPX Members with questions to contact the resort in advance of their stay.


Cancellations by GPX

Grand Pacific reserves the right, in its sole discretion (without refund or credit), to cancel a Confirmed Exchange, cancel an Exchange Request or otherwise deny the Exchange privileges of any GPX Member whose Exchange Fee is rejected by the GPX Member’s bank or credit card company or who has not fully prepaid all annual maintenance fees, assessments, dues, taxes, and other charges relating to its ownership or membership in the applicable Resort or Timeshare Plan.  Grand Pacific may cancel or suspend GPX membership privileges of any GPX Member failing to comply with these Rules and Regulations.

Cancellation Protection Option

For arrival dates more than thirty (30) days prior to booking, Grand Pacific offers GPX Members the option of purchasing a Cancellation Protection Option (“CPO”) for an additional fee paid concurrently with booking a Confirmed Exchange.  If purchased, CPO covers you in the event you are not able to utilize your reserved vacation and need to request cancellation of your Confirmed Exchange.  Provided your cancellation is submitted more than thirty (30) days prior to the Confirmed Exchange check in date, under CPO (i) the original Exchange Credit will be returned to the your GPX Account and will expire two (2) years from the original Exchange Credit start date; and (ii) the Exchange Fee paid for the Confirmed Exchange may be applied towards your next Exchange Request.  If at the time the new Exchange Request, the Exchange Fee is exceeds the amount of the Exchange Fee credit, the GPX Member must pay the incremental increase.  CPO may be purchased for any subsequent or replacement Confirmed Exchange.  No monetary refunds are distributed for cancellations at any time.

CPO cannot be used to cancel a Confirmed Exchange and then re-book the same Resort Week as either a Rental Week or Additional Benefit.  We ask GPX Members to be fair and use CPO for its intended purposes, and not to misuse it.

CPO is optional.  Members who decline CPO in connection with a Confirmed Exchange will forfeit their Exchange Fee upon cancellation of a Confirmed Exchange, which includes any change in dates, unit type, vacation area or Resorts.

Cancellations of Rental Week

CPO is not available for Rental Weeks including, without limitation, “special” or “promotional” offers.  Cancellation of any of these types of reservations results in forfeiture of the entire price paid in connection therewith.  In the event that a resort becomes uninhabitable due to a natural disaster, Grand Pacific will re-book the reservation but is not liable for travel costs or other expenses arising from the resulting cancellations.  The Deposited Resort Week used for this Exchange Confirmation will not be eligible for another Exchange.  An additional Exchange Fee will be required to confirm another Exchange Request using a new Deposited Resort Week.


Upon submission of a Resort Week for deposit, you agree and authorize Grand Pacific to communicate with your home resort or its management company. Grand Pacific will maintain verification information private and confidential at all time and agrees not to pass this information onto any other third party.  We do not sell or rent your private information to any other third party.  We may provide your information to other offices of Grand Pacific Resorts for internal use only (in relation to reservations made through GPX Exchange Program). A full copy of our privacy policy is available on our website www.gpxvacations.com or upon written request.


These Rules and Regulations are subject to change from time to time.  Approved Rules and Regulations will be posted on www.gpxvacations.com.  GPX Members receive current Rules and Regulations upon new member enrollment.  Members may request a written copy of the current Rules and Regulations at any time.

Contact:  Grand Pacific Vacation Services by email at GPX@gpresorts.com or by phone at 866.325.6295 (United States access) or 1.760.828.4231 (Canada).  Our offices are located at 5900 Pasteur Court, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA  92008.




  1. California Vacation Club, at Riverpointe Napa Valley
  2. Capistrano Surfside Inn
  3. Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort
  4. Carlsbad Seapointe Resort
  5. Channel Island Shores
  6. Coronado Beach Resort
  7. Grand Pacific Palisades Resort
  8. Hanalei Bay Resort
  9. Indian Palms Vacation Club
  10. Kauai Beach Villas
  11. Makai Club
  12. Mountain Retreat
  13. Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge
  14. Red Wolf Squaw Tahoe Resort
  15. San Clemente Cove
  16. Southern California Beach Club
  17. Tahoe Beach & Ski Club
  18. Villa L’Auberge
  19. Wave Crest Resort





Transaction Fees*
Membership Free
Exchange Fee $189.00
Deposited Resort Week
Extension of Exchange Credit:  3 months $59.00
Extension of Exchange Credit:  6 months $89.00
Extension of Exchange Credit:  12 months $109.00
Confirmed Exchange
Cancellation Protection Option $20.00
Fee to Transfer to Assigned Guest Free
Unit Upgrades
Studio to One (1) Bedroom $85.00
Studio to Two (2) Bedroom $185.00
One (1) Bedroom to Two (2) or Three (3) Bedroom $185.00
Deposits of Resort Weeks – Fees
Deposits made 14 days or more prior to arrival date Free
Deposits made 7 days to 13 days prior to arrival date $99.00
Deposits made 6 days or less prior to arrival date $149.00





Studio Studio (no separate bedroom)
1BR One Bedroom Townhouse
One Bedroom
One Bedroom Deluxe
One Bedroom Mini
One Bedroom Villa
One bedroom Garden View
One bedroom Ocean View
2BR Two bedroom
Two Bedroom Cabin
Two Bedroom Deluxe
Two Bedroom Loft
Two Bedroom Villa
3BR Three Bedroom

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